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MKLR VMLM Ballot – 2 places available


As you’ll know very soon the emails/magazines will be flying out with the In/Out results of the VMLM ballot. If you were unsuccessful then you can enter the club ballot. If you fit the following criteria;

(1) Full member for 2017/18 – since April
(2) Did not win club place in VMLM Ballot last year
(3) Provide proof of failure in VMLM ballot by End of October

Proof is either (1) forward Ezine email to or (2) Show ENTIRE magazine package to c’ttee member

Ballot will be carried out at November Track Session by Dionne Whelan.


After issues in previous years with late entries, and lack of proof there will be NO exceptions to the criteria.

BBQ and Awards 2017

Apologies for the delayed post but we had a great summer BBQ at MKRUFC thanks to Simon Stimpson for arranging it all, and for everyone supporting by coming along, especially those who rushed back from Race the Train.

The awards were presented to rapturous applause and the winners were as follows;

Chairman’s Award – David Lewis
Best Improved Early Group – Richard Litwinczuk
Best Improved Late Group – Nigel Brock
Best Dressed – Brigitte Kennedy and Julie Kennedy – for fancy dress at Hampton Court Half
Knight In Shining Armour – Norman Baker – for his actions during MK marathon supporting a poorly runner
Member’s award – Julian Holden – Voted for by all members
Performance of the Year – Debbie Coolman – for Ten in Ten at the Great Barrow Challenge

There was a very ‘dodgy’ raffle as well with Helen winning a free Xmas dinner place (FIX) and a nasty set-up giving Caroline a place at next years Thunder Run. All we need to now is get some teams in it…

Same time next year!

Members Member vote – Round 2 for 2016/17

Members Member of the Year – Round 1 results are done and dusted.

Now it’s Top 3 time, and time to vote again. You have to next Monday (31st) to let me know by PM or email who is your vote from the following 3.

Nominations for round 1 covered 15 different members, and the reasons were varied and numerous. From behind the scenes work, leading by example, being inspirational, being so competitive it’s funny, staggering performances, wearing a single calf-guard, being a muppet, the reasons covered all aspects of the club! (most were serious – I promise)

In no particular order the top three were;

Debbie Coolman, Mark Atkinson (Late Group), and Julian Holden

Well done to all 3, and to be fair all 3 are a triple threat, with commitment to the club, leading by example, and amazing performances.
Please let me know your vote ASAP (privately). Announcement to be made at the BBQ.

Thanks to all for voting, it has been great to see all the votes come in, and highlight all the best bits about our club.

Club Member of the Year Award – Nominations

As we steadily approach the Summer BBQ and we turn our minds to the year gone by and it’s award season again!

I’m looking for ALL MEMBERS to vote on their Member of the Year Award.


(1) Email with your nomination, AND your reason OR Message me on FB
(2) Deadline for email / message 24th July
(3) Top 3 will go to Round 2 from 25th to 31st July for votes for the eventual winner

There is NO CRITERIA for your vote. It is personal, and can be for any reason.

e.g David Lewis – “Because he’s handsome” would be perfectly fine. There were a lot of those last year.

AGM – Confirmation

To confirm, all members are invited to our AGM for 2017 which will take place at 7.30pm on Friday 19th May at Milton Keynes Village Hall.
The address is Willen Rd, Milton Keynes, MK10 9AF.

As members of the club, everyone is welcome to come. The current committee will update you on what’s been happening at the club over the last year, how your club funds have been spent and take suggestions as to how members would like funds to be used going forward.

If you have anything you would like to add to the agenda, complaints, praise, ideas or anything else please email them to by 4th May 2017.
If anyone would like to stand for ANY of the committee roles then also please email – all roles are voted for each year – and any member can stand should they wish to do so.

Anyone who wishes to stand for a committee position must be nominated and seconded, this can be done by sending an e-mail to We would like all nominations in by 4th May 2017 please.

The Agenda is as follows:
1. Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM
2. Report of the Club Secretary
3. Report of the Treasurer
4. Election of Committee
6. Additional Matters Raised By Members
7. Provisional Date for 2018 AGM
8. Chairperson’s Comments

~Adding an additional comment from me (Dave Lewis) there will be tea and biscuits as well~

AGM Announcement – May 19th

From Dionne – Club Chair

Our AGM will be held in Milton Keynes Village Hall on Friday 19th May at 7.30pm

As members of the club, you are all welcome to come. The current committee will update you on what’s been happening at the club over the last year, how your club funds have been spent and take suggestions as to how members would like funds to be used going forward.

Additionally, the meeting is used to elect club members to key positions on the committee. This is your club, if you would like to be involved in running it, then please do consider putting yourself forward for a position on the committee. Two of our committee members have already said that they will definitely be standing down in May but also please note that positions on the committee are not the automatic right of those currently in that position, so please do not assume this is a ‘closed shop’

If you are interested in joining the committee, then feel free to speak to a current or past committee member to find out what is involved. If you decide it is something you would like to try then you need to get a club member to propose you and another to second that. We would like all nominations in by 4th May 2017.

Details of where to submit nominations and any items you would like to be added to the agenda will be given closer to the time.

Membership Fees – 2016/2017 – Due by March 31st

Dear members please be advised that your subscription renewal is due shortly.

The payment deadline if you wish to be registered by the club with England Athletics is Friday 31st March 2017. England Athletics have raised the Individual Registration Fee once more and it is now £14 per person. It has been agreed that our club membership fee can still be held at £30 for full year membership.
You may recall that last year we brought forward the deadline for subscriptions to 30th April and did say this was in preparation for a 31st March deadline this year.
Your co-operation in getting funds cleared into the account on a timely basis ensured the whole registration process was very smooth and is much appreciated, I hope you can do the same again this year as it makes the job of the Club Secretary much less onerous.

There are a few things we require you to do please:

1. Make your payment into the account with the reference Subs then your name, if you are a married couple, it is much easier for us if you can take the time to make two separate payments please. (e.g. Subs Dionne Whelan then a second entry Subs Conor Whelan)
2. If the name you go by at the club is different to your married name, then please use that in your reference so that it is obvious who you are. (e.g Subs Julie Kennedy then a second entry Subs JJ De Gorter)
3. If you have changed any details since your original membership form was submitted please ensure these are updated, e.g. change of address, change of surname, change of emergency contact. Just let us know by sending an e-mail to
4. Your payment can either be done electronically or by visiting the bank, details are:

Metro Bank
MK Lakeside Runners
Sort code 23-05-80
Account 19230015

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help in ensuring a smooth start to the new membership year and I look forward to seeing you achieve your running goals whatever they may be.


Chairman’s post – Metro Bank, Club Kit, Membership renewals 206/17

Hi All, I have some very important updates for you about SUBS and KIT, so please do take the time to read this post and apologies that it is so long.
The club has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and I am sure you will all agree with me that all past and present committee members have done a great job over this time.
As a result of our increased numbers, lots of the tasks that were easy to manage when we were a small group where the committee personally knew every member are becoming more difficult now and take up a lot of time.
We have therefore decided to put the following procedures in place:

1. We have moved to Metro bank who allow us to do online banking.

2. With immediate effect, all payments of subs, Christmas meals etc must be paid online, or if you do not have online banking, you can go to Metro Bank (there is one by Waitrose in Oakgrove) to pay money in to the account. We will no longer accept cash or cheques.

I appreciate this may be an inconvenience to individuals but the workload on the treasurer in monitoring who the cash was from and the frequent trips to the bank to pay it in is too high especially considering this time is given freely to the club.

3. When paying in to the bank account we request that you clearly state on the reference your name and what is being paid e.g Dionne Whelan – subs, Julie Kennedy – Christmas.

If the name you use at the club is different to the one on your bank account please use the name we know you by. When we were smaller it was easier to identify people who used both a married name and a maiden name, with over 200 members this is no longer a 1 minute task, we can sometimes spend hours figuring out who has paid and what they have paid for, so your upfront help with this is much appreciated. For those that are unable to change the reference on their payments would you please set up a new payment and reference accurately describing the payment you are making, if you are paying for two separate items eg Christmas and BBQ, please split the payments. Please don’t use the same reference for everything as this adds an extra workload to the treasurer trying to work out what payments are actually for.

4. Kit can now be ordered directly from the supplier and a weblink has been posted on the MKLR site. The only kit ordered by the club will be vests for new members. We have negotiated slightly better deals and there are now two suppliers who you can use:
a. Dare 2 Wear provide our training kit, hoodies etc that we have always used – this link is already uploaded on to the website in the kit tab
b. Fusion now provide a range of higher quality race kit – this is at a higher price but may be of interest to those doing longer races who have found the seams on the training kit to be uncomfortable – the link to Fusion is not yet available.

5. When renewing your membership, if you have a change of address, or emergency contact details etc please remember to inform us by sending an e-mail to or using the contact tab on the website.
Subs of £30 per person are now due for the year from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017

We will be applying to UK Athletics to register individual members immediately after 30th April. If you have not paid your subs by 30th April we will not register you and so you cannot apply for reduced race entry fees. In the past we have chased people who we thought should have paid, once again the sheer size of the club now prohibits this, we will post weekly reminders on Facebook, however it is your responsibility to pay your subs on time if you want to be registered with EA and considered eligible for the Virgin Money London Marathon club ballot.

The bank details are on the FAQ Page of the members part of the website AND posted on the Members Only Facebook page.

I hope you will all understand the need for these changes and embrace them. Happy Running.

Who’s racing where…?

Just a reminder to all members to let us know if you’ve entered a race or event. It’s a really great to share with the club what we’re all working towards, and can also open up the events to other members who might not be aware of them.

This year alone we’ve logged runs, swims, triathlons, muddy races and distances from 1 mile to 140!

You can submit these through the Race page on here, email me at EVENTS@MKLR.ORG.UK, or send me a direct message on our members Facebook page. Ideally, please don’t just tag me on there as it can scroll off pretty quick and I don’t like to miss anyone out.

Some people prefer to keep these things to themselves which is absolutely fine, but if you want to share and see your name in lights then please let me know.