Who’s racing where…?

Just a reminder to all members to let us know if you’ve entered a race or event. It’s a really great to share with the club what we’re all working towards, and can also open up the events to other members who might not be aware of them.

This year alone we’ve logged runs, swims, triathlons, muddy races and distances from 1 mile to 140!

You can submit these through the Race page on here, email me at EVENTS@MKLR.ORG.UK, or send me a direct message on our members Facebook page. Ideally, please don’t just tag me on there as it can scroll off pretty quick and I don’t like to miss anyone out.

Some people prefer to keep these things to themselves which is absolutely fine, but if you want to share and see your name in lights then please let me know.

MKLR – Wearing headphones whilst running with the club

We know that some members find running with headphones a key part of their running experience. Listening to music whilst running can be motivational for some. However, there are safety issues connected to wearing headphones while running – many races now ban runners wearing them.  You may not hear what is going on around you and potentially could cause a danger to yourself and other runners by not hearing traffic, other footpath users or the instructions from run leaders and coaches.
Whilst we do not want to ban members from wearing headphones; we do discourage it. If you choose to wear headphones during club runs it is your responsibility to ensure that you can hear the instructions given by run leaders and coaches at ALL times and you do not put yourself or other runners at risk whilst running on the roads and footpaths.
We recommend you leave the headphones at home or to use at the gym and enjoy the company of friends and other club members instead.
MKLR Coaching Team

Volunteers wanted for Leaders in Running Fitness

The Coaching Team are looking for more volunteers to be Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF). All paces are welcome and it would be great to have some volunteers from the 6.30pm and 7.30pm Groups.

The LiRF course is run by UK Athletics. It is a one day course with a mix of classroom and practical activities. There is no assessment at the end. Once you have completed the course and a Criminal Record Bureau check has been successfully completed you will be licensed and therefore insured to Lead the running sessions. Courses are run up and down the Country and there are usually courses held fairly locally i.e. Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes. The Club will pay for the course but there will be an expectation that once completed Leaders will commit to being regularly available to support Club Sessions otherwise the fees for the Course will have to be repaid back to the Club.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to either your Head Coach, Richard Tearle or any Leaders – Keith, Paula, Jane, Jeanette, John, Fiona and Debbie.

If you want to volunteer please email Debbie at debbie.cox02@gmail.com by 27th July 2012

For one night only (this event is cancelled!!!!)

Please note that next Tuesday 17th June the club run will be at Three Locks Pub at Stoke Hammond meeting at 7:15 and aiming to start running at 7:30. The club will be joining Leighton Fun Runners for a combined run from 5-8 miles followed by a social drink afterwards in the pub.

For the beginners and anyone not wishing to attend this event, run leaders will be available at Willen but please be aware this will not be a normal run session.

MK Lakeside Runners