Who’s racing where…?

Just a reminder to all members to let us know if you’ve entered a race or event. It’s a really great to share with the club what we’re all working towards, and can also open up the events to other members who might not be aware of them.

This year alone we’ve logged runs, swims, triathlons, muddy races and distances from 1 mile to 140!

You can submit these through the Race page on here, email me at EVENTS@MKLR.ORG.UK, or send me a direct message on our members Facebook page. Ideally, please don’t just tag me on there as it can scroll off pretty quick and I don’t like to miss anyone out.

Some people prefer to keep these things to themselves which is absolutely fine, but if you want to share and see your name in lights then please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Who’s racing where…?”

  1. I ran my first half marathon on Monday, and managed to run all the way, it was brilliant. I joined mklr a year ago and never imagined being able to complete half a marathon. Thank you for the support and encouragement I got along the way from the club and especially the other mklr club members. Brigid.

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